We employ competent and qualified staff who are able to reply to all our client's inquiries and Reservations within 24 hours maximum. Backed by excellent tour management skills, our company provides quality and affordable travel, tours and safaris with educational and ecological experiences.

Ms. Ether J Birungi:

There is no denying that a trip to Africa would be amazing. For most people it is something they will only dream about and never get to do. The people that are lucky enough to make the trip usually describe it as a once in a lifetime experience.

A trip of this nature does take a bit of planning. It is a good idea to find a reputable travel agent that has experience with booking exotic trips in foreign countries. Many people will ask family and friends for a recommendation of a travel agent.

The trip of a life time means something different to everyone. Some people prefer luxury or romantic getaways, while others prefer to be out in nature viewing some of the most amazing creatures.

The same safaris that are charged highly by others are only at a small fraction with Churchill safaris and we will strive to cater for your holistic requirements and make your vacation as hassle free, comfortable and memorable as possible.


Jackie Mawejje is the co-director of Churchill safaris and travel. She majorly works in the accounting department. Jackie has a passion for tourism and therefore gives it her life. Jackie believes that Travelling could be a remedy for grudges and a connection tool to people all over the world. Tourism brings people together from around the world through these long and short holidays.


 Is an ACCOUNTANT by profession. At CHURCHILL SAFARIS AND TRAVEL, Brenda is a SALES, AND ACCOUNTING PERSONNEL, for over 3 years now. She skillfully designs safaris for various kinds of clients to Uganda and Rwanda, offering valid deals and giving clients their dream trips covering a clients’ budget, timescale and interests!  She also takes Clients through payment procedure to ensure that it’s a smooth sail.

Brenda’s passion for tourism is inspired by the idea that every human being is a citizen of the world and therefore she has given of her time and experience to make it possible for everyone to travel through Uganda and Rwanda, giving them the privilege to take in the beauty of the land, feel the warmth of the people & their culture, watch the beasts of the wild-Know your world! You never stay the same!

Outside of office, Brenda finds pleasure in music, writing, travelling, reading, farm work, a bit of cooking and hanging out!


Violet Namalwa is Sales and Reservations personnel at Churchill Tailored Safaris. In a nutshell, her job entails converting enquiries into bookings, budget planning and ensuring reservations are made promptly & appropriately. She values honesty, loyalty, decisiveness and is good team player making it very easy for her to fit it and stand out at the same time. She loves to travel and see new places and yes that sounds like a cliché but it is accurate. Her leave days would only be filled with travel and is passionate about showing the rest of the world what an extra-ordinary country Uganda-The pearl of Africa is.


Musisi Deogratius Mwebe is the Financial Controller of Churchill Safaris and Travel Limited.

Despite being an Accountant by profession, Deo thinks every one need leisure time. Regardless of one’s busy schedule, he/she need to create some time and enjoy the gifts of nature, which is God given.

Deo is adventurous, according to him; adventure is an exciting experience that is typically a bold, sometimes risky, undertaking. It sometime involves activities with some potential for physical danger such as traveling, exploring, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting and even sports but according to him, it is worthwhile.

Having made research about the top ten tour operator companies in Uganda, he decided to join Churchill Safaris firstly; to make his contribution towards its continued success; focusing on clientele growth through processes improvement for efficiency and effectiveness. Secondly, Deo is passionate about tourism and travel, particularly things to do with people’s culture, flora and fauna.

His message is that, whatever you plan to do particularly at leisure, even when note decide to spend time with friends and family; “Safety is paramount” Deo says that, if one is to travel by road for example, always first put on safety belt, if travelling by boat, don’t forget a life jacket. It is true sometimes an accident may be fatal even with such, but still one is better off with than without. It has mitigating effects. So please always think about safety wherever you are but also as an Accountant, he concludes by asking everyone to always plan to pay his/her bills on time.


Leah is part of the Reservations Team at CHURCHILL SAFARIS AND TRAVELS. Leah loves tourism because it gives her the opportunity to interact with many people from different walks of life. She has a passion for serving people and tourism puts her at the fore front of satisfying and fulfilling people’s travel needs. The experience, the memories that people take back with them and the fact that she was a part of creating that experience, drives her every day.


 A records manager at Churchill Safaris and Travel Limited. He is responsible for the effective and appropriate management of records from their creation till the disposition stage. 

He controls the number of records created, stored and identifies records that are to be preserved for historical and research purposes and those which need to be destroyed.

Mr. Kayemba has a great interest in tourism specifically the combination of nature and animal life. These two tourism features stand out and sum up the word as interesting. Above all, he is full of great respect and love for culture.


Sevume James Daniel is an Information Technology personnel at Churchill Tailored Safaris. He is responsible for having a good and healthy working computer environment through providing assistance to any computer related issues in the company. And not to forget a good team player and very passionate about working with computers.


​A part of sales and Reservations team at Churchill Safaris and Travel Ltd. She is adventurous, loves indulging in the wild, culture and interacting with people from different walks of life and this passion drives and makes her ambitious about her work. 

​She thrives to challenge and constantly sets goals so s there's something to strive towards and always looking for an opportunity to do better, explore and achieve greatness.


Our guides:

The most important person to determine the success of a safari is the guide. We therefore employ full time local qualified, experienced and very knowledgeable guides who are able to handle all the requirements for a discerning traveler. They are familiar with the wildlife, birds, fauna and flora, and help you to obtain first hand appreciation of the country.

Our driver-guides not only speak several foreign languages, but are also well conversant with safe driving, geography, history and tribal laws of Africa. We believe that a safari should be more than a drive through the game parks. We offer experience rather than scheduled programs.

They have great reviews on trip advisor and you are free to book your particular desired guide in advance.

Mr Brighton Mpame

MR. Brighton Mpame:

Brighton is the Head guide at Churchill and with over 25 years of experience in guiding; wild life, African culture  and tourism, I still love being a tourist guide because it connects people worldwide and also makes us know what nature is and how to conserve it for future generations;

Its also always my joy when I read all the positive reviews about myself from my new and repeat clients and am always ready to serve. Please come and I guide you on your authentic African Safaris with Churchill safaris. And I would like to say thank you for choosing me.

Profil: Hussein Kato:

Ich bin ein hart arbeitender und begeisterter deutscher und englischer safari fuhrer, der sich durch das Studium des Verhaltens von Tieren und der Nature ein breites Wissen angeeignet hat.

Seit Funfzehn Jahren, bin Ich in Tourismus tatig. Meine Erfahrung als Safari Fuhrer umfasst die Arbeit in Naturschutzgebieten in Uganda und Rwanda.

In meinen Rollen habe ich hunderte Gasten aus verschiedenen Lander und Kulturen gefuhrt.

Ich bin begeistert uber Wildtiere, Natur und Kulturen der Welt.


I am a hardworking and enthusiastic German and English speaking safari guide  who has acquired extensive knowledge through the study of animal behavior and nature interpretation.

My fifteen years in tourism experience includes working in national parks and nature reserves around Uganda and Rwanda as a guide and clients relations personnel.

In my role as a safari Guide, I have successfully handled hundreds of tourists/ clients from different nations and backgrounds.

I am passionate about wildlife, nature and cultures of the world.


My name is Isaac Kiwanuka. I have been a tour guide for 7 years and counting. I chose tour guiding as a profession because of my love for travelling, meeting new people and different experience every other day. And through Churchill Tailored Safaris, my training with Uganda Safari Guides Association at QENP re-united me with mother nature, I will pay everything for it!


Isaac Sserwadda is a tour driver/guide with Churchill Tailored Safaris. He has been guiding for 3 years. He is an adventurous soul and this is what drove him into tour guiding believing he had a huge opportunity to learn a new thing every day as well as make friends from all over the world, and he would do everything in his power to ensure that at the end of a safari he gets a thumbs up from a client. He picked his inspiration from friends who have guided safaris for a long time and these same friends have tutored him into who he is now.


He is a professional, punctual and extremely patient guide, with whom our clients feel in safe hands. The pride and passion Charles has for his job really shines through which contributes to a very positive experience.Charles is also a highly skilled driver never reckless and always drives to the conditions, prior to departure respecting clients’ wishes at all times.

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