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A trip of a life time means something different to everyone. Some people prefer luxury or romantic getaways, while others prefer to be out in nature viewing some of the most amazing creatures.

A trip of this nature does take a bit of planning. It is a good idea to find a reputable travel agent that has experience with booking exotic trips in foreign countries. Many people will ask family and friends for a recommendation of a travel agent. People want to make sure their vacation plans go smoothly so they want to hire someone with a reputation for producing great results. 

Of course, cost is usually a factor when planning a trip but is important to remember that the best price does not always guarantee the best travel experience.

There is no denying that a trip to Africa would be amazing. For most people it is something they will only dream about and never get to do. The people that are lucky enough to make the trip usually describe it as a once in a lifetime experience.

Churchill Safaris is a reputable and admirable local travel organizer based in Kampala, Uganda. We are passionate about organizing personalized safaris for individuals, groups and families since 2000.

We never fail to impress you with the knowledge and expertise we have in designing a safari as per your needs, requirements and budget of the customers.

Backed by excellent tour management skills, our company provides quality and affordable travel, tours and safaris with educational and ecological experiences. Each of our custom built 4X4 cruisers are fully equipped with "On Safari” accessories. Our driver-guides not only speak several foreign languages, but are also well conversant with safe driving, geography, history and tribal laws of Africa. We believe that a safari should be more than a drive through the game parks

For the discerning travelers from all over the world who are interested in exploring the natural and cultural wealth of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, Churchill Safaris remains the most preferred choice.

There are a number of amazing animals to see in Africa and one of them is the endangered mountain Gorilla. Being able to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat and not just in a zoo is a rare treat.

Gorilla trekking is also known as gorilla tracking and it has quickly become one of the most popular activities to experience during a trip to Africa. There are only three countries in the world where this activity takes place, Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo. The mountain gorilla is a critically endangered species and the three above mentioned countries are the homes of the remaining populations of this great species. There are a number of trips that involve gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo that are available to tourists and they can book a personalized package that suits their interests.

Many of these safari packages are several days in length. Each day’s excursion may be in a different location. Tourists will start off having breakfast and then set out on that day’s adventure. Tracking a group of gorillas can take several hours depending on the movement of the group. You are usually allowed a certain amount of time to stay with the gorillas in order to take pictures. After that day’s tracking is over you will usually have a meal and then enjoy some form of local entertainment before settling in for the night. The next day will take place at a different location with different activities and this pattern will continue for the duration of your tour.

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