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You can now ride your luggage around the airport

Getting around an airport may never be the same.


A Chicago businessman is selling a rideable carry-on bag. Rather than pulling your luggage from terminal to terminal, travelers can sit on the Modobag and reach speeds up to 8 mph thanks to an electric motor.


“We’re not trying to make anyone lazy,” said Kevin O’Donnell, the founder of Modobag. “It’s about life efficiency.”


He’s selling the bag for about $1,000 during an Indiegogo campaign. It’s small enough to be carried on almost any airline.


But O’Donnell envisions customers using the bag for more than just airport travel. He recommends office workers ride it to the train or around large conferences. O’Donnell regularly takes his Modobag in Chicago bike lanes to run errands.


I can honestly bet seeing Churchill safaris clients riding the Modobag at Entebbe International Airport while they come for the safaris in the Pearl of Africa because this is way too cool.


Read more about the Modobag here


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