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Kate’s Love Letter to Uganda

From the moment we stepped off the plane late at night, I knew I was going to love this country. We were greeted at the airport by our guide Isaac, who would be showing us around the country for the next week and a half (I really wish we had a lot longer). He was a fantastic guide and driver who shared so much about his country with us, and it was clear he was so proud (and with great reason) of this amazing country.


The country was absolutely stunning and I have fond memories of jaw dropping scenery and the friendliest people imaginable. I have previously commented on my favourite countries before this trip, and this blows all the rest out of the water.


One minute you are driving through lush hills of tea plantations and the next you are tracking chimpanzees and mountain gorillas through dense forests. The next day you are tracking lions through the flat savannahs and then drifting down a river surrounded by hippos, buffalo and elephants. And throughout this entire time you are being greeted by local people with the friendlies smiles around. Not to mention the elaborate handshakes…


Uganda, you surpassed all my expectations. I reluctantly admit that when planning this holiday we decided on spending more time in Uganda (instead of Kenya/Tanzania/Rwanda) only because it was cheaper. Well I quickly realized that not only is it cheaper, it was also (in my opinion) the friendliest and most beautiful of the countries we saw. Maybe one day I will find myself back…


Says Kate Plain Escape


Kate-Love is a travel blogger and photographer that has traveled across 40 countries and still counting. Churchill Safaris & Travel is delighted to have been part of her Uganda escapades.


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