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Flights to Entebbe Uganda


There are many airlines that offer regular flights to both Rwanda (Kigali) and Uganda (Entebbe).


A helpful resource for finding a cheap flight is www.kayak.com. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange a flight for you and handle your booking.







Flights to Uganda & Rwanda

Country of Origin                                                                                        Airlines

1. USA                                                                                        Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airlines
2. UK                                                                                         Emirates Airlines, KLM
3. Germany                                                                              Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airlines
4. France                                                                                  Qatar airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Brussels
5. Japan                                                                                    Qatar Airlines, Emirates Airlines
6. Austria                                                                                 Qatar airlines, Brussels Airlines
7. Switzerland                                                                         Qatar airlines, Brussels Airlines
8.Sweden                                                                                 Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airlines
9. Canada                                                                                 Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airlines
10. Australia                                                                            Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airlines, South African Airlines
11. South Africa                                                                       Emirates Airlines, South African Airlines
12. UAE                                                                                    Emirates Airlines, Kenya Airways, Fly Dubai, RwandaAir,                                                                                                            Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airlines

If your country is not listed, please let us know and shall let you know the possible flights to use.




Beginning  1st July 2016, you can obtain the 50 usd Ugandan Tourist Visa online from the privacy of your home wherever in the world with an online Application.



If Uganda is your first East African Destination and you want an East African Tourist Visa you can apply for it online with Ugandan Immigration.


Whereas the E-Visa system is online and you can apply, you can still get a Visa on arrival at the airport. If getting Visas on arrival is discontinued we will let you know through our newsletters or website.


How does the Uganda 50 usd online E-Visa work?


Go to https://visas.immigration.go.ug/

  • Apply online for your Ugandan E-Visa.
  • Apply for your East African Tourist Visa online if Uganda if is your first Country of Entry in East Africa. Visa will be good for Uganda – Rwanda and Kenya.


You will receive an email with a barcode upon successfully applying for your visa from Uganda Immigration. Print the Email and put it into your passport when traveling  for safe keeping.
Upon arriving in Entebbe International Airport hand the Immigration Official your passport and email with barcode.  They will scan the barcode and paste the visa sticker into your passport. Welcome to Uganda.


The new E-Visa should speed up the process of your processing time at Entebbe airport since you will not need the normal interview.  We hope that the new application E-Visa system will work out for Visitors and Uganda Immigration and those of us in the Tourism Industry.


We will notify you by either newsletter or website if the present on arrival Visa System is scrapped and replaced by the online E-Visa system.



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