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We share important information on common concerns or issues we have received from various visitors coming from all over the world.


There are many airlines that offer regular flights to both Rwanda(Kigali) and Uganda(Entebbe).

A helpful resource for finding a cheap flight is www.kayak.com. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange a flight for you and handle your booking.

Read More to find out about VISA requirements


In preparing for your trip to East Africa it is advisable that you meet with your doctor between four to six weeks before you travel so that you can get the proper vaccinations and begin your anti-malaria tablets. Read More


Uganda and Rwanda are both cash based societies. The Ugandan currency is called shillings, while in Rwanda they use Francs as well as the US dollar. There are a many ATMS available throughout the capitals which accept Visa and Master Card, although they become scarcer as you enter the rural areas. Al-though some of the bigger hotels and shops accept credit cards, we highly ad-vice you not to use them during your time abroad, as there have been cases where information has been stolen. Read More


Packing for your safari can sometimes be such a nightmare, and you will more than likely end up re-packing a few times before you actually depart. Our slo-gan for packing is less is more, and you should always check with your airline about the maximum luggage weight allowance. Soft duffle bags are the pre-ferred, as suitcases can be cumbersome and difficult to fit in your safari vehicle. It is essential to carry all your valuables and important medication in your carry-on, as baggage can sometimes go missing in Africa! Read More


The weather in Uganda and Rwanda is extremely unpredictable and hard to predict. Temperatures usually average around 21.5 °C (71 °F), but can get much higher during the day, and drop significantly in the night. Although rainy season traditionally was from April to May and from September to November it is now harder to determine. We recommend when packing that you prepare for all the elements! Read More


Trekking gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda is one of the moving and incredible experiences that Africa has to offer. You will set off from your hotel very early with a packed lunch which will be provided. The amount of time you actually spend trekking really depends on the location of the gorillas, and can take any-where from a half-hour to eight hours. Hiking through the forest, making a trail through the dense overgrowth with a machete can be physically challenging, and requires that you be in relatively good physical shape. Porters are avail-able at the entrance of the park, and we strongly recommend that you have one come with you to carry your bag, their services are usually $10 USD for the day. Read More

Safety & Security

Uganda and Rwanda are some of the safest countries in Africa, but it is still wise to use certain precautions. We often tell clients to act as they would in their own country, would you walk alone at night by yourself? Or carry around a large amount of cash in a crowded area? Most likely not. Be cautious with your bags, avoid crowded places, keep your money and valuables in safe place, and if you do decide to go out at night to experience the infamous nightlife of Kampala or Kigali be careful. Read More

Where to Eat

Where to eatFrom Mexican to Japanese, Uganda is home to a diverse range of international cuisine, and is quickly becoming a major foodie destination. There are a num-ber of exceptional restaurants in Kampala that would rate as four or five stars on an international scale. Outside of Kampala many of the higher end lodges in the National Parks are staffed with world class chefs, and even medium and budget accommodation have very good cuisine. If you do decide to explore the culinary world of Kampala there are a myriad of choices, here are some of the top-rated places. Read More



The nightlife of Kampala is infamous! The majority of bars and clubs are situated
in the center of town, up from the golf course, stretching along Accacia Avenue.
There are a number of clubs scattered around Kampala, with local bars
where you can grab a cold beer everywhere. There is always something going
on until the early hours of the morning!


Although there is not as much night life as compared to Kampala, Kigali still has a fair share of places to visit during the night. Read More



Uganda has some of East Africa’s most beautiful crafts from colorful baskets to vibrant paper beaded necklaces; you can easily fill your suitcase! There are also a number of higher end galleries and boutiques in Kampala that are stocked with paintings and sculptures from some of Uganda’s up and coming artists.


Rwanda has some beautiful crafts including stunning jewelry. The exchange rate is usually a bit lower for the dollar and the prices can be a bit higher than Uganda and other East African countries. Read More

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